Artist Statement

Life is a journey and along the way we gather pieces that form our lives. Some fit easily; some struggle to find their place. Sometimes we need to make pieces and sometimes we just find them along the road. What are we made of? Happiness, sadness, despair, who knows. We are made of many emotions and events. How are we formed? With love, anger, loss and whatever gets us through the night.

For me, it is hope that summons the pieces of my life together to form a connection; to create a dialogue that opens a door to invite the rest of the world to join in. I create pieces from clay, metal, paper, paint, ink or whatever is necessary. I find which pieces need to be together and present them to the viewer to enter into a world of hope. For without hope, we cannot move forward. I’ve worked as an artist as long as I can remember. I’ve evolved along the way, gathering new materials to work with to push me forward into a new adventure. I hope you can find your own adventure in my work.

Jane Kavanagh Morton - Delaware Artist